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(decided to post this in n00b section)
Okay so i bought this ej1 about a year ago an got totally ripped off at the dealership! It was my first car, yes I'm young and dumb -_-
After a few months i started noticing the coolant burning fast!
Its not the head gasket as the oil is fine, and no white smoke spits from the exhaust. its probably an old water pump because when it starts to over heat it leaves a puddle somewhere near the water pump.

Also my cooling fan switch has burnt out, i have to manually hook up the fan to the battery whenever i drive ! gets quite annoying when i leave the fan on and come back to a dead battery -___-

And as of about a week ago iv had problems getting it started. Last night i noticed white smoke spitting from the intake? It cranks but struggles to fire and dies out then spits white smoke from my intake.
I read somewhere it might be timing belt or cam timing issues.

Oh and I have a weird spike in my speedomoter, it randomly spikes or dies while I'm driving???

AND i also need a new CV joint or whatever the name is, the steering kind of clicks sometimes while i am turning

ANYWAYS, I'm wondering what you guys think i should do.. How much would it cost to get this done right at the mechanic and IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?!
(as i am a starving college student)
I'm so tempted to put it on craigslist an get rid of it. this car has been nothing but a headache since i bought it. Not to mention its an AUTOMATIC which totally blows. Also how much do you think i could get for it? Body and interior are Clean and nice
Just looking for your thoughts,
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