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Yesterday (September 8, 2013) was the "Push it to the Limit" (PITL) 7th autocross event of the season at the Bramalea GO station in Brampton, Ontario.

Upwards of 110 participants showed up for the event. There were 6 groups in total and inspite of the large numbers, we still got to complete 5 runs.

I ran in my 1993 Honda Civic del Sol Si with stock d16z6, brake and suspension upgrades. You can see the details in the videos.

Here's the third run with a the GoPro mounted at the passenger side fender:

PITL September 8, 2013 - Run 3:5 - YouTube

Here's the final run with the GoPro mounted at the front of the hood:

PITL September 8, 2013 - Run 5:5 - YouTube

Looking at the videos, I can see where there's room for improvement. One of the most important is being comfortable with the non-ABS brakes.

They are upgraded from the tiny 9.3" rotors to the 11.1" Prelude SR-V rotors, ITR calipers and ITR brake master cylinder with Russell stainless steel brake lines. I'm using Hawk HP+ pads. When it's time to stop, the car STOPS. I need to improve on threshold braking and prevent locking up the wheels. If I can do that successfully, I'll be able to gain more speed through the cones without worrying about braking.
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