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I'm working on a d15b2 rebuild and the cylinders are tapered to over twice the service limit, so I'm going to bore it .020" over.

I'm planning on raising compression by milling the head. So I've been looking around for some oversize pistons w/ similar to stock profile (flat top).

I found 1 place selling a rebuild kit w/ an oversize option.

When I emailed then to ask about piston profile; dome dish, or flat. They said:
"The oversized pistons are same as the stock pistons. What changes is the diameter of the piston – to accommodate for boring if required. Unless to plan on having the block bored, you want the standard size.
The piston tops are all the same shape, regardless of the size."

So these seem to be the ones I want. And I was wondering if anyone had any opinion of their quality. The pistons are manufactored by Rock products Inc. I havent been able to find much info on them, but if anyone has had experience with them, or any input whatsoever that would be appreciated.
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Rock is good, never heard a complaint yet for OEM replacement parts
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