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Pistons info

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What is the best ?

Piston with longer height or shorter ?
Piston with longer compression height or shorter ?
Dish, flat top or Dome ?

What kind of advantage can I found to each one ?

Well, other thing that I wanna know:

Which pistons fit into a D16y7 (head & base)
and which ones NOT fit too !

Thanx a lot !
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you can do what i did and put 12.1:1 arias pistons in it. they're much more reliable than stock pistons because they a forged aluminum where as stock pistons are cast. with higher compression you have to run higher octane and more fuel. if you still want the stock ones(i understand cheaper)i believe the d16a1 pistons will deliver a nice compression boost, but don't run lean, they'll shatter.
with rings and wrist pins i paid $550. they are ten times better quality than honda pistons, they won't shatter like that. the compression i use should be able to handle nos with forged rods. i didn't do anything to the rods when i rebuilt so i'm just running n/a. just make sure you have the proper fuel upgrades when you do any of this stuff. if you give me a better idea i can help you with that. what kind of motor? y7 right?
well, if you're going to do all this and spray you are definitely going to need the basic fuel pump upgrade adjustable pressure regulator and bigger injectors. you'll only need the bigger injectors if you spray it. my setup right now is 12.1:1 arias pistons, stage 1 zex cam, i/h/e, msd 6a, aem regulator, and walbro pump. i run the pressure about 48psi and that is checked with the hose off. this is in a y8 with an auto tranny. you should check out exospeed for that cam you want though. there stuff looks good. i don't know if you have to worry about emissions testing but a dual carb setup on an obd2 year car will not pass. i don't know if i'd mess with the computer unless you were going to take it off the road. there just isn't enough you can do to them(since they are obd2) to risk it not being able to communicate with the tester. most chips just raise the timing which you can do yourself but won't need to really with the setup you're talking about, and then they can raise the fuel pressure which is better to have the regulator for anyway. i got a jetchip and i sold it and got a stock computer back for mine. it was a waste. hope this helps you on your way.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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