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Pistons info

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What is the best ?

Piston with longer height or shorter ?
Piston with longer compression height or shorter ?
Dish, flat top or Dome ?

What kind of advantage can I found to each one ?

Well, other thing that I wanna know:

Which pistons fit into a D16y7 (head & base)
and which ones NOT fit too !

Thanx a lot !
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- I wanna that my setup stay N/A !

- I want pistons not to much expensive

- OEM Honda D-series pistons will be the best I think

- I want to run my car everyday and I want less pinking as possible !

Which pistons will be the best and who fit right there into Y7
Which one will not fit there ?

Thanx !
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How much cost Arias pistons ?

If i run too leans with this pistons, do they shatter like P29 pistons ?

Does Arias pistons can support 50-75 NOS shot or very small turbo or supercharger ?

What kind of rods do you use & what is your entire setup ? (N/A or FI)

Thanx a lot again !!! :D

Go on it and see my project !

I got Y7, I want to keep it, & want to do:
Already have: Y8 IM, 4-2-1 pace seter header with custom exhaust, CAI, Accel wires and NGK Iridium

- Higher compression
- Bigger cam (maybe spring)
- Lightened flywheel
- Tuning ECU after all !
or twin carb, I don't know yet...

I wanna have a good setup, to push it down 14.5s - to high 13sec !

(between 140-160WHP ?)

I want to stay N/A but maybe sprayed later... !
I drive my car daily but if I consider drive means to me race ... !
But don't want to rev up 7000-7500 rpm...

Thanx a lot ! :eek:
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1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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