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pistons i have cam across..

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I have come across some Vitara pistons the dirt cheap.

The only thing is that i will have to bore .5mm over.

would this be good for turbo?
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yes this topic has been talked about a million times
i know vitaras have been talked about a million times... i have planned on using them.

I was just wondering about the .5mm bore.
thats not even that much of a bore. not even 10 over. now if you were sayin 20 or 30 id definitley say no but there should be no problem with 5
yes, go for it

let me guess, the 75.5mm ones on HMT for $85?
are they on HMT also.... shyt.... they will prob be gone by the time i get the $$$ then.
just some food for thought if you look at all the guys making big power on vitaras they are all running the std. bore ones
thats kinda why he is asking......
.5 over will be ok, just dont expect as much as the standard bore guys are doing and you should be fine. you have to remember that your sleeves are slightly weaker than theirs. but i dont see why 300+whp would be out of the question.
looks like they were sold :neutral:
good deals don't last long
nope. and im always broke when they come across. well hell, im always broke period now that im in college
suck dick for crack?
I bet it'd be fine.

But is it worth the peace of mind to just get the STD bore ones? I've HEARD that the sleeves get a lot weaker. I'd just go with STD and not have to worry about fuckin' up sleeve(s).
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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