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Piston rings too wide

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I am rebuilding a D15B series. Ordered STD replacement piston rings for P80 pistons. When trying to fit, all 3 rings are 0.01" too thick and will not fit the groove. All rings I can see advertised are the same thickness as I ordered. Seems a lot to have to grind down for every ring. Built many different brands of engine and never experienced this before.

Anyone else had this issue?
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I only had this issue once, and it was when I did not order/use rings that were purchased with my pistons.
Since, I only purchase them together, OR called the Piston manufacture and have them verbally tell me which rings to use; Never had the issue again.

This seems very familiar, but I don't remember the specifics of my situation.
Read through my engine build notes and found more info.
I ordered a set of rings, received rings in the correct, part-numbered boxes, but to my discovery, they were NOT the correct rings.
Coincidently, they were about ten thou. too 'thick' to fit the grooves on my Nippon pistons (Hypereutectic's).

Maybe your supplier had a similar mix-up?

Hope this helps!
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Mis-boxed parts are far more common than most people think, or even mix-ups in manufacturers/suppliers cataloging. Check manufacturers pn vs supplier pn, check specs of actual product vs pn from both.
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