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I have one on the way, just wondering if anyone has had one or dealt with one. Thanx

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Yep, had one in my car for about 6 months.

-Position of shift knob is good, far better and easier to reach than Edelbrock's version.
-Apparently stout enough to take some abuse, I haven't broken it (yet). Then again, I don't jerk on it all the time, but I caught myself doing it a few times.
-Very little slack in the shifting mechanisms, very precise, smooth and easy to move.

-Installation is a pain in the butt. Bearings are metal-to-metal, and the bolt has to be really stinkin tight to stop vibration (aka BUZZ) above 6500 rpm. Plus, a real pain to fit into a '96-plus vehicle, the bushings are too big. I drilled my own from washers.
-Not exactly easy on the transmission. It's actually so easy to shift that I jam it into gear without realizing it. Hopefully I don't have to double clutch soon.
-Need to learn how to shift all over. Shift SLOW if you want to keep your tranny. (It'll feel slow when its still faster than stock.)
-The metal-to-metal design transmits all the noise from the transmission into the passenger cabin. That's every little whirr, every little click. You'll hear it all.
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