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I finally snapped some pics of my car a couple weekends ago. I know some people on here have been waiting to see what my Civic looks like, and I have not really had any interest to show it, but now I do!

For those of you who do not know anything about my Honda, here is a summary:

1998 Honda Civic LX w/High C/R D16y8

76mm Bore D16y8
P29 Pistons
Cometic .078” headgasket
Edelbrock Intake Manifold
60 MM ThrottleBody
Stock Airbox w/modified ducting
2-3/4” intake air tube
Aem Adjustable Cam Gear
Stock Cam (waiting for Builthatch!)
D16y8/D16y7 Hybrid tranny
8 Lb Clutchmasters Aluminum Flywheel
Bosal/Brospeed 60MM S.S.Cat Back
2-1/2” Replacement Cat

Rev Competition 15” Wheels
Yokohama AVS 195-50-15
Tein S-Tech Srpings (1.75 Lower)

Dual gauge Bezel
Autometer Oil Pressure-A/F Ratio Gauge
Skunk2 Single Bend Shifter
JDMSHIT.COM OBD2-1 Conversion harness
P28 ECU Chipped W/Uberdata program and datalogging Capability

Stock except for OEM Style rear spoiler
Modified Front Grill (mesh)

The car looks good. A little nervous about racing you now after seeing that parts list but it will still be fun.


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:confused: ?????????

chasloa, squad, and ryan89crx; now i officially know why you guys were so mad at me for posting that site in the "bullshit" forum (which was made for bullshit i assume, thus the name). my sincerest apologies...

btw civic4gs, nice motor. :thehump:

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ya know, there's nothing sexier than a laptop in the car for tuning. gives it that "pro" look ;). just don't yell at it to shut up, and blow your manifold.
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