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Well i just got home from "Pick it n pull it your damn self" and got a 5spd PG7 ecu for about $45 and tested it. my sohc zc sure pulled harder than when i had the PM6 on. also ran it to about 7100 and it was great! anyway, i know it's pretty straight forward but i hope to help some people who might be scared to open up their ecu. don't be, it'll be safer this way as your PG7 ecu wouldnt be swingin around and this would make sure that the case is touching the heatsink, therefore it would save you from frying $50. =)

Recommended for those with ZC engines or if you just want to upgrade your Si ecu for better fuel maps and rev limiter raised to 7200.

Quote from
"What ECU do I use?
You have several options for ECUs. The factory Si Computer will work, but the rev limit is way to low to see the potential of the ZC. Many people are importing ZC ECUs from japan, and reports show these work very well. Most people find it is best to run a 88-89 integra ECU. These are not as hard to locate as ZC ECUs, but will Give You very good performance. If you have a Si, I would use the stock computer and have somebody perform a chip upgrade on it, to raise the limiter and remap the fuel. many companys will not work on 88-89 integra ECUs. All the above ECUs will plucg into your factory wiring harness. Even is someone on some message board says it will, The Integra board will not fit into the civic case in any fashion that ZCspeed would consider safe or smart. The integra board is about 4mm wider than the civic, and the heat sinks will not touch the walls like they should. We recommend, however, drilling a hole in the top of your Integra ECU so you can see the Check engine LED without moving the computer or using mirrors."

Please take note of the above statement in bold letters, just do it right.
Here we go, only tools needed: philips screwdriver, pg7 ecu, pm8/pm6 ecu.

i chose the pm8 case cause well, it's just lyin around and probably can't even sell this for more than 5 bucks. here's the pm8 ecu.

here's the pm8 board taken out. take out 4 screws in front, 4 screws in the back, 3-4 screws on the side, and finally 9 screws in the back of the board.

PG7 on the left, PM8 on the right.

PG7 taken out the box, ready for transplant.

Perfect fit. remember not to overtighten the screws, you dont want to crack the board.

as for the hole to see the CEL LED, i used the original PG7 front cover and put a hole with a 1/2 drill bit and it's an exact fit to put in the little round plastic window, wierd thing is, the light is going to be on the bottom. hmm. anyway, forgot to take a picture of that one cause i put it on the car already, i'll probably get a picture soon hooked up already. ;)
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