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Personal Turbo Setup For Sale.....LOOK

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Well trying to go with a bigger setup and fully build so this is up for sale...

CCFab MiniRam turbo manifold
T3/T4 Turbonetics turbo .60 .48
Oil line and return line
4 bolt 2.5" downpipe
dsm 450's
greddy style bov
Intercooler piping
Spearco Intercooler with Backdoor style end tanks
D16z6 59100 cam
Obx camgear
P28 Ecu Chipped with uberdata tune for setup
Blox Fuel Pressure regulator
Autometer Boost Gauge
Tial 38mm Wastegate with 5psi spring and will include a 15 psi spring
Dump tube

Turbo Setup


Turbonetics turbo capable of 350hp Really, Really Fast Spool Up (nice)

Everything need it to install and go... nothing else will be necessary for the install.. asking $1600 OBO+3% Paypal fees + Shipping I think its a good price since the manifold from ccfab alone is 340 shipped and the turbo new was 750 so thats already 1090 just add the cam ($240) and wastegate ($200)....I know i'm never going to get what I paid but just stating that its a good price if you start to add all the prices
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I got 5 dollars that says Jimmy puts it back up for sale....
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I wouldn't doubt it...
jimmy, when you put it back up for sale, hit me up so i can get that mani off you
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