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After having requests from others in my DIY thread for the oil pump screws I took some pictures of the ports that I could still see for them. With the pictures I figured I'd do a review of it.

With that said, I'm no expert with port design as well as having the technical skill or tools to attempt something like this so I decided to outsource this kind of work.

I am running a d16y crank in my dohc zc since that is what I had and I just wanted some security. If a y8 can last 200000 miles with both a crappier pump and a "crappier" crank then with a good pump and that crank I should be golden.

Here are the pictures I'll let them speak for themselves:

Service was pretty decent. I blame any scarce communication on the time zone difference between Texas and Alaska. All in all a good deal. :D
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