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Passing DEQ running turbo with p28 or p2p ecu

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D16y8 block/z6 head - I call it the d16z8 lol

Like the title states I am going turbo after getting the car up and running. This is more of a question for the second time I take it to deq because I’m gonna wait until it passes DEQ the first time and then install the turbo right after so I have two years without worrying about this. Im gonna be running the p28 ecu when I have the turbo kit installed, in Oregon they are pretty relaxed and use a scanner tool on obd2 vehicles but since the p28 is obd1 this obviously won’t work the same. I have a line of questions on what I could try to do to get around this. some of these are probably stupid questions but its worth a shot asking anyway and some of them might have already been answered before so if you have links to post that answer them please drop them so I can plan what I’m going to do. I have been trying to research this subject for a long time and I haven’t been able to find many solid answers. I really need a reliable way of passing DEQ when those times come so I can drive it legally. I know if I switch ecu’s I have to complete a drive cycle before taking it into deq so its not as simple as unplugging one ecu and then plugging in another (how I wish it was that simple). So here are my questions:
  1. Is there a way to run 0psi on the turbo or really low boost when using the p2p ecu that way I don’t blow anything up
  2. How does a piggyback work on a p2p? Am I able to run turbo on it safely so I don’t blow my engine, and can complete a drive cycle and take a trip to DEQ?
  3. Can I somehow wire the p28 ecu to the obd2 scan port? (This would also make my life easier checking CELS instead of using the paperclip method)
  4. Is there a way to complete a drive cycle without driving? or trick the ecu or scanner tool into showing that everything good to go?
  5. I saw someone in another forum state that you can wire both ecu’s together or some sh*t like that with the obd2 to obd1 conversion harness so they both are functioning so you don’t lose the drive cycle and install a switch to go from using the p28 to p2p and vis versa, is that even possible and how the hell would I do that without burning one or both ecu’s?
  6. Do I have to uninstall the turbo kit and go back to stock every two years? (I really don’t wanna have to do that)
  7. I think if a scanner tool won’t work they go for the sniffer test how would I get around that straight piped?
Like I said I know a lot of these are stupid questions but doesn’t hurt to ask and I wanna rule things out. I don’t need all of them answered I just need the best possible solution to getting around DEQ. don’t hurt my feelings lol
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If they allow aftermarket cats and will run a sniffer test if obd2 is unavailable, id say just run the p28, do some flanges for a swappable cat/test pipe, and have a .95-1.05 lambda map to load up when it goes to smog, the timing curve will need special attention to keep the NOx and CO down if the gas test there is like the CA dyno smog test.
after some research it seems the tailpipe sniffer might not actually be an option. I think when the time comes ill just have to either get an obd2 simulator or ill have to put a few things back to stock (injectors, map, etc) and then remove a spring from the wastegate or take an intercooler pipe off. seems to be some of the only methods. as long as i dont have to remove the whole turbo kit I can live with swapping back a couple of things

I know in Ga, if you're in an emissions county, you can file for a "hot rod" exemption, might be a thing there?
not in the portland metro area that I live in. 1975 and newer is considered not exempt. if i lived in medford however, my car would be exempt sine its 20 years and newer. stupid how that works on the other side of the state.
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