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Hey whats up, I was just wondering what parts I need to do a mini me swap on my d16y7 96 coupe.

I'm sure there are write ups on this I but I have to leave for work in a few minutes and I wanted to go to the junk yard tomorrow so hopefully I can get some answers by the time I leave tomorrow.

but anyways it is a U=pull it junk yard and I was there 2 days ago and I seen a 94 civic there that was V-tec and it still had the head and almost everything else, and they only charge $30 for a head so I was thinkin that was prolly pretty cheap.

But would that be the same as a d16y8? and besides the head and ecu what else would I need from the car? and does anyone know what size the head bolts are? I thought my integra bolts were 8mm allen heads but I could be wrong it was awhile ago when I did that.

any help would be great and also any web sites that could help.
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