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not takin credit for this.

Here is a how-to someone sent me on how to paint your wheels. I followed in and it worked great.

Ok. First off you need to thoroughly check the condition of your wheels. Are
you planning on painting just the front side, or the sinde as well? I am
assuming that you're gonnapaint them gunmetal, but let me know for sure what
color they're gonna be.
Here's the list of what you'll need to get the job done right:

1. Bulldog Adhesive - 1 can should work for all 4 wheels(maybe 2 though)
depending on how much you put on there.

2. DupliColor Graphite(if they are gonna be gunmetal)Wheel paint - this is
sold at AutoZone and I think Wal-Mart as well. 1 can per wheel should be
fine..but no guarantees).

3.ClearCoat - Most any automotive body clearcoat should work fine, just
don't get the kind made for engines(it will turn yellow over time).I used 1
can for each wheel.

4. Sandpaper - I suggest the 3M types that are made for wet and dry
automotive sanding.(400 grit to 1000 grit or so).

Now you're ready to go:
First want to clean the wheels well with a
degreaser(SimpleGreen,Greased Lightning..whatever). After they are clean,
you want to wet-sand the wheels, all you need to do is remove the clear-coat
on the wheels so the paint will stick properly. When I purchased my 95
GS-r's, they were really chewed up so I took them to get sandblasted, but I
still had to wet-sand the finish to smooth it out. Start with somewhere
between a 400 and 600 grit and work up to like 1000 grit or so. I started
with 400, then went to 800. Do whatever you think is best with that though.
Remember, al you have to do is remove the clearcoat. You will most likely go
thourhg a lot of sandpaper to do all 4 wheels, but be patient cause it can
be time consuming...the better job you do at sanding, the better your wheels
will look like in the end. When you finish wet-sanding them...clean them up
with soap and water.
After that, mask off your tires with duct tape of something else.
Fortunately I didn't have tires on mine so that made it a whole lot easier.
Start with the Bulldog Adhesive. Follow the directions on the back of the
can. I did the 1st coat very lightly and let it dry for about 15 minutes or
so. It helps to do this on a sunny, non-humid day to promote proper drying.
I then did a good solid 2nd coat and let it dry for about 20-30 mins. I
followed with a 3rd coat to make sure I got all the nooks and crannies, but
I don't know if this was necessary or not. I let the adhesive dry for at
least an hour before i started to paint. I follow the same process with the
paint as I did with the Bulldog Adhesive. There's no perfect way to paint
wheels, so you'll just have to experiment to find the best way for you. For
the first coat, I just lightly sprayed the fron of the wheel and the inside.
When I started the second coat, I started with the sides of the spokes and
tried to get those as best as possible before moving on. Keep the can about
8-12 inches away from the wheel and use a sweeping motion. Don't put on too
heavy of a coat because it WILL run and you'll be really pissed. When the
cans start to run empty, the will begin to spray out in clumps, so be
mindful of that.
Once again, be patient and take your time. Allow about 20 mins after the
first light coat, and 30 minutes between heavy coats.

Follow the same process with the clearcoat. The clearcoat I used was thinned
than the paint and there were several times that it looked like it wanted to
run. I just did a bunch of light coats on each wheel. Don't worry about the
clear-coat being a gloss finish, they won't be nearly as shiny once the
clear-coat fully dries. The more clear coat you put on each wheel, the
better they will be at resisting small scrathes and other stuff like that.

Just take your time. I was very pleased with my results. I was out of work a
few weeks ago, so I just took my time. I think I did 2 wheels each day, but
I guess you could go as fast of as slow as you want. I felt good about doing
these myself and was suprised the outcome was so good. I also refused to
speend $300 on having them powdercoated, even if it does last longer.
That's about all I can think of for now. I'm also getting ready to purchase
some black spline-drive lugnuts to finish off the look that I want.
I have some pics of my wheels at home...I'll scan them in for you this
evening. Let me know if there's anything else I can tell you about painting
them. If you need me to, I can call you and walk you through some of the
steps if you need it.

1 more thing, I've also been told that you can get some of that aircraft
stipper to remove the clearcoat and then just lightly sand the remaining

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since people asked here are some pics i did my rim all black came out good but i sold mine. here is some pics tho where i got they diy from
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