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p75 ?

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can p75 out of an auto be used for an obd1 conversion on a y7 5 speed
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no you have a 5 speed and no vtec but more caz your a 5 speed
i herd that you can ues them but something must be done so that it dont give a CEL anyone herd of this
ya you can use it i believe u can just take out the high switch for theautomatic transmission controller in the ecu and it will b fine... the P75 is a LS ecu so it will run but how well is the question... u need to put a chip in it anyways, considering u dont have 240cc injectors, and lack displacement on a LS and a cam...
im running a stg 2 gring with zc high comp pistons also stock injectors is that a good starter untill i get my wd bands and burner setup
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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