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here's the numbers off the 2003 thread from d-series:
96 EX D16Y8 Auto------P2J-2 stamped 95 on rs of head
97 EX D16y8 5spd-----P2J-4 --- "97" stamped on the right
97 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P2J-6 "97" stamped on rs of head
97 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P2J-7
97 EX D16Y8 5sp-----P2J-6 "96" stamped on right side
98 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P23-2
99 EX D16Y8 5sp------P2J-4
00 EX D16Y8 5sp------P2J-3 "99" stamped on right side

My question is: is there any difference between any of the p2j-*? as in is it the same exact cast and cam and what not? i just bought a used one on ebay and this is what I got.
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