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Car: '00 DX stock P2E ecu OBD2b
What: Use a '99-01 LS P75 non-vtec ECU in my '00 DX
Why: Uses 2 wire IACV and larger 270cc injectors.
Remain OBD2B compliant
Plans: install '96-98 complete EX Int. Manifold (manual) with 2 wire IACV
install '99-00 EX wire harness (already wired for 2 wire, knock sensor,
and 2 wire Crank Position Sensor)

I'm looking into possibly adding a few mods to my D16Y7. In doing some research, it seems the 3 wire IACV and 170-180cc OEM injectors are limiting factors in TB & fuel tuning mods. I want to retain OBD2B compliancy as I hate swapping ECU's/parts to pass inspection. It appears that a P75 ECU will allow me to run other 2 wire TB's (more options) and larger injectors (SAFC/FPR tuning) pretty easily. While I am looking into the base timing/fuel map compatibility, can anyone see why this would not work?
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