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p28 on a 97 ex auto to manual problems

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I just recently swap my 97 ex civic to5spd manual. the swap went well with no serious issues. I was using my auto ecu for like 3 weeks. Check engine light was on as expected. Now I got the obd2 to obd1 harness and a chipped out p28. I am getting an idle of 1500 and no more check engine light cause I converted my 3 wire iacv to a 2 wire from the ecu. This made the check engine light turn off. I am still using the auto manifold can that be the problem to the high idle because the car isnt surging only idling high(1500 rpm)
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there is an air bleeder screw on the front of your throttle body. you can adjust idle there if need be.
Yah.. it is to the left beside that vacuum port that goes to that emission canister on the firewall. Just turn the bitch. After I put an h22 TB on my d it idled at about the same. Tightening it will reduce the idle. Just don't tighten it all the way of it might idle like a bag sometimes. At best tighten it all the way if you have to and turn it back a 1/4 turn!
if your still using the auto manifold where did you mount the 2 wire iacv?

the 3 wire iacv wont work with 2 wires hooked up. you need the 5 speed intake manifold and the 2 wire iacv as well.

or you can just block of the holes in the tb for the iacv and use the plugin in crome to disable the iacv.
i tightened my screw all the way in. it does bounce sometimes when you hit the clutch when it is cold, but it is tolerable.

lilryanadamse, I swapped a y8 auto into my 5speed & added a p2p, but have the same dilemma (CEL). Please, writeup how you did the conversion from a 3 wire sensor to a 2wire? Did you bolt a 2wire IAC in place of the 3wire?

I know how to change the wire, other than the physical PIN into the ecu (I'm having trouble pulling them out of the connector). Do I need the manifold, other parts?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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