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P06 chipped to run D15b Vtec

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First off, Hello all, awesome resource of knowledge on the D, thanks to all who have contributed. Due to to info found in these forums I purchased a D15B Vtec, and am currently awaiting its arrival to drop in my 94CX Hatchie.

Now the question, I have read that the stock CX P06 ECU can be chippped to run the D15B Vtec.... is this tue? Im leaning towards not true due to the fact that Vtec did not come with this trim level (CX) , Vtec is not wired into the harness nor , I believe , is Vtec circuitry in the ECU, I may be wrong though.
Now if by some miracle the P06 can be chipped will any ebay type chip work... I ask this because i am trying to keep costs on swap minimal as possible but regardless if I have to get a p28 I will, just trying to utilize what i have before spending more money.

Adding a quick pic of the 94 CX
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You can easily make a P06 identical as a P28. Thats what runs my car. I have a 95 LX which came non vtec, i soldered in the com ponents for Vtec into the ecu, chipped it, and ran the wires to the ecu for vtec control, done.
Hmmm, sounds like a bit of an ordeal...although im not afraid to try to mod the P06 still sounds like a lot of possibly have a thread link or how-to on this type of conversion? Watching ebay for a P28 nontheless,hehe. Thanks again.
you can get a chipped P28 from various places. Or your existing ECU chipped. The problem with getting a chip from Ebay is that the mapping on there may not be what you need to run so it can effect somethings, To get the benefit of a chipped ECU you would have to have it Dyno tuned.. If your interested and someother places sell the wiring that you will need to hook up the Vtec and 4 wire o2 and provide you with wire all the way to the ECU with a pin out. I will also let you know that your D15B isn't going to come with a Purge solenoid valve your old motor has one. It is on the Intake Manifold top right with a hose connected to it that runs back to the charcol canister. You can either get a D16Z6 IM or drill your D15b IM. I would recommend getting the D16z6 IM. Bigger TB and Manifold then D15b and your Purge valve will be there. Also if you can get a virgin p28 would be a good idea. I had a chipped ecu to run like a p28. found a virgin p28 I got back my gas mileage. The chip was causing the engine to run Rich.

If you need any help hit me up. I did the exact same swap into my 95 CX
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I think i have read that the hose going to the purge solenoid can be capped and in effect run only one hose outta the charcoal canister... what effect does blocking the purge hose do? And thanks for the info ill try to keep the forum posted on my progress, my motor is being shipped from VA to FL on monday so im expecting 2-3 days ship time per shipper, so install should be going in next weekend. I am currently disonnecting everything pertaining to the engine removal except for tranny left mount and engine right mount, Im at the point to remove axles , shift linkage and exhaust, so im hoping that will be done in next few hours.
send your ecu to to have him chip it, he does awesome work! tell him to throw in stock p08 or p28 maps in it
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