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This system is made and designed in South Africa

gotech uses 32 load sites per every 500rpm compared to diktators 16 per every 750 rpm= Better tunability...
The new gotech mini x is the sizzle

Gotech Mini X Engine Control Unit
The Gotech Mini X engine control unit is a smaller version of the Gotech PRO X ecu. This unit uses the same processor and crystal as the PRO X which means that processing speed is about five times faster than the standard Mfi and PRO units.

Gotech Mini X Information and Features

One, Two, Three, Four, Six and Eight Cylinders with distributor and single coil. (No coil packs)
Trigger per event
Four outputs to be used as:
- One injector, one coil and two GPO (eg. Idle control and VVT)
Gpo outputs can be used for idle control or VVT or boost control.
Launch control (Launch rpm limit, Launch timing retard, Launch time delay)

Full Control over ignition timing at preset RPM intervals and 32 load sites
- Interpolation Between load sites for smooth timing transition
- Ignition control input provided by engine speed and manifold pressure (TPS also available)
- Soft touch RPM limiter is provided to prevent dangerously high RPM to be exceeded
- Ignition is fully programmable using serial link to Pc or laptop
- Windows based software
- Timing control up to 12000 rpm

Fuel Injection Features

- Batch Firing of injectors in mode 0. Phased firing of injectors in modes with TDC connected.
- Full control over electronic injectors over 32 load sites and preset RPM levels
- Interpolation Between load sites for smooth transition
- Able to drive 4x 2ohm injectors or 6x 16 ohm injectors (depending on the mode used)
- Fuel injector time mapped at 500rpm from startup to 12 000rpm on a 4 cylinder engine
- Injector time is fully programmable using the windows based Gotech PROX Tuner software

Sensor inputs

- Manifold air pressure (Built in 1,5 bar manifold pressure sensor, optional 3,0 bar map sensor available)
- Intake air temperature
- Fluid Temperature
- Throttle Position
- Engine Speed, trigger per event plus TDC.
- Lambda (Closed Loop Control, wideband lambda input available on request)

Additional features include
Offline tuning
- Files can be uploaded and stored on your computers hard drive for future use
- Real time fuel adjustment using the fuel pot. Fuel adjustable by 10% richer and leaner over the - whole range while driving. Real time ignition retard with the ignition pot. This allows a 10' ignition retard whilst driving.
- Two GPO outputs for fuel pump activation, VVT, shift light, boost control, idle control etc.

Launch Control Timing retard Map

Launch Fuelling map
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