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Kinda short notice for #1.

Anyhow, lately been on a bass fishing binge. Friday Sept 14- sunday Sept 16 I'm dissapearing in to Watoga State Park and the Monongahela National Forest for fishing/camping trip.

I extend an invite do all d-series outdoorsmen/women to come join. WV State fishing lincens is ~ $15 unless you're daring and wish to risk a run in with a park ranger(highly ill advised).

There will be lake fishing, stream/creek/river fishing.

For those without their own fishing gear, I have ~ 4(have more, just need to re-string them) extra poles you can borrow + tackle.

Bring your own tent, beer/liquor and food(there are grills in the park, don't need a whole lot of food...share and share alike:TU:)!


Sept 29-Oct 1

Same deal #1 just a diff. day:TU:


Workin on details for #3. Hunting ~ thanksgiving

This would be rifle season for deer.

Location: Seneca State Forest Durbin WV

Date: Nov 22-25 (Thursday-Saturday...ditch the in-laws!!!!!)

Renting a cabin for 3 days. Looking to have at leaste 3 other people aside from myself. Total for the 3 day cabin rental is $200. Comes out to $50/head + $25 for hunting lincense. Minimal ammount of food required per person.

Serious folks only please, a deposit would have to be made to reserve the cabin. Looking to make the reservation in the next month as cabins and such book quickly for the holiday weekend.
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