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So I'm going to go a different route with this because its aluminum, and I've had this same thing happen many times. I echo Talon's use of the single claw puller and a slide hammer, or the type with the "handle" that comes out that you can beat on, however, I suggest using Freeze Off instead of heat. I know it sounds counter intuitive to make the metal cold, but I have had great luck using it for all sorts of things, including several ISB's that looked just as tragic as yours. And yes, those ball bearings were pulverized by the gears and final drive. Follow the directions for the freeze off and it will work. Spray directly onto the bearing shell for 30 seconds (I'd just circle it), let it sit for 2 minutes, then go at it with the puller. Should pop right out. Heat is what seized it.,aps,254&sr=8-7

I had one once that got so hot that it galled to the case. That required more drastic measures. Had to cut the bearing shell into multiple pieces with a small cut off tool. That was like surgery and not very fun at all.
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