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So, I've always been into electronics, and into cars for a few years now.
I had a friend when I was a teenager. He literally put a computer in his car trunk. 120 volt invertor, mouse and keyboard extensions, Old RCA video cable to an 8 inch crt display. He ran iTunes.

I've always wanted to have all of my music and sooner videos available to me on the go, and with the passage of time it's all possible and now has been raised.

I used an old Android phone (LG KV8)

Media Monkey on my computer and app on phone.

Kodi media center app.

Also, I use the radiopup app and YouTube music.

First I did a factory reset on the phone, after that was done I set it up with my Google credentials. Next I uninstalled as much of the LG and Verizon bloatware as I could.

I installed the apps mentioned above.

I already had media monkey on my computer, so I setup the sync between my phone and the PC,I let it transfer my music to my 64gb micro SD card in the background while I setup Kodi.

The default skin for Kodi is not convenient for quick use while driving down there highway. I found a new skin that was developed for this purpose that actually had some decent possibilities. I found it on the Kodi forum. To find it you will have to search carpc-carbon. I'm the forum thread is most of the info you need to make changes.

After all is said and done mine plays music from my personal collection, videos I've backed up from dvd, when I tether my active phone it streams music from YouTube music, and opens a radio app to play the local AM station I listen to.

Technically this is not something I've done to my Civic, but it's part of my driving experience.

I would have included links, but I am unable to add them in this forum right now.

The original maker of the carpc-carbon skin has navigation built into the unmodified skin if you have the dependencies installed, I rarely drive outside areas I don't know.

Sometime in the future I will mount and wire it in more permanently, when I do that there may be some follow-up posts.


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