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Okay my friends i guess that im going to start with the symptoms that my car is showing. ok first off my car a day ago just had a huge loss in hp. i am very sure that i didnt pop the engine. my engine has a real problem getting up and moving but it will run through all of the rpm's with no problem its just sluggish. i did notice that my exaust had a bit of a differnt smell to it, it seemed more toxic than normal. i have larger injectors in the engine and it always ran a bit on the rich side. i also have the NGK iridum (i cant spell and i know it) spark plugs, i was wondering if i just need to maybe tune the damn thing again or what. it seems to have the most trouble in the low rps's like when you are letting out the clutch to get moving. but giving her more throtle
does nothing but a slight exceleration, it just makes the bog sound. its starting to drive me nuts because it was so sudden. not to mention i have dropped over 7g into this car getting her street worthy. if you could help me i wouldb forever greatful.

thank you,
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