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Listen to the endurance racers. Tight ducting sealed to the rad face combined with blocking the rest of the grill will definitely put more air through ur setup for cooling. Seen it make huge differences before and after on track.

Also am I wrong here w the following?

The lowest pressure is under your car if you are running an air dam and side skirts, and the base of the windshield is one of the highest pressure areas.

Venting a hood or using lifters cools underhood temps, but in my mind reduces pressure differential, limiting flow potential for radiator cooling

Sealing the hood and cowl, to maximize the air getting pulled from the front of the car into the relative vaccuum under the car seems like it would create the largest pressure differential.

Some at the track agree, some disagree.

But no one disagrees blocking the whole front grill and using sealed ducting is the way to go. 100% consensus on that.
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