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97 2dr d16y8

i know theres the bigger one you can see on the outside, and theres a smaller one inside the pump somewhere. which one is which?? im guessing the big one that you can see from the outside is the gasket but i just want to be sure. ALSO, which one is more likely to be the cause of the leak in most cases? the seal or the gasket?

17 is the gasket and 19 is the seal correct???

Honda online store : 1997 civic oil pump - oil strainer (sohc) parts

oil pump seal to the left, and oil pump gasket to the right?

im doing a water pump replacement and my cars leaking oil from somewhere around there so im just gonna change out a whole bunch of seals/gaskets at the same time. i already have the crank seal and the oil pan gasket. any info is much appreciated, thanks.......
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