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Ok, an oil has developed somewhere on the back of my Y7...but I'm not sure where. I first noticed it about a week and a half ago. I had the car on the lift again last night, and the majority of the oil is inbetween the pan and transmission, but the large end of the driveshaft right next to the tranny is also covered, and it looks like it's slinging oil all over the bottom of the car. I checked all of my turbo oil lines and they're perfectly clean... no leaks around the oil filter, either. I changed the oil last night, too, and there wasn't any metal, grit, nothing in the was actually the cleanest I've ever seen it...+1 for a wix filter!

Anyway, my first thought was that the pan was leaking, so I torqued the bolts a little more last week, and it didn't fix it... The other thing I was thinking was that I screwed up the seal on the tranny when I installed the new driveshaft, so I checked the tranny fluid level, and it's perfect. My only other thought is that it could be the pcv I'm going to check that tomorrow.

If it's not the pcv, I have no idea where else to look. Those are the only three places I know of to be on the backside of the engine... Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm pretty lost...please try to help...
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