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just curious if anyone has heard of ohlins PCV coilovers.

I found some info online about them, but I purchased them based on friends who are in-the-know and track their civics/integras at the lapping day/track level and 2 of them went on to further sanctioned club races etc.

but myself, I had no clue what/who they were to begin with, so just curious if ppl out there have an idea...

they have since discontinued the PCV coilovers for civics tho.

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Ohlins are top notch racing shocks... Are the ones you got equipped with the external reservoirs?
I've only seen 1 set of those one a track only civic...

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my brothers race bike has ohlin suspension that we installed last year. night and day difference. never seen them on a civic. but in a magazine last month i saw them on a Fit with the external resorvoirs.

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unfortunately, it's not the external reservoir model - actually I'm not sure if ohlins ever came out with a line for civics w/ external reservoirs... i could be wrong, but to what I see now on the website, they don't have a listing for civics :(

here is the info I was given by the previous owner - Ohlins PCV Coilovers:

12k front 5k rear main springs springs
helper springs
24-way dampening
height adjustable
full aluminum body,
pillowball upper mounts
No wrenches

my pictures uploaded to

other info I found recently while trying to sell these locally (I realize I can't post a for sale thread here yet, and I don't want to violate any rules so I won't post a price here yet)

Originally posted by EM1SiR
Are the rear shocks able to handle a higher spring rate?
I never did, but you should be able to if you send it back to Ohlins.
They look to be discontinued, but when I was searching info for them, it was still in production at the mother webpage at a retail of $2,500 USD

When I bought them, I was told these were the coilovers of choice for Japanese Gymkhana Racing, thus, they were chosen with a 12K front and 5K rear for the set-up of that type of racing.

For my purposes, the pillowball uppermounts and helper springs provided a very "peculiar" drive, it bangs - pillowball, but it takes bumps quite forgivingly - helper springs - to which my friends with very stiff dampers question whether they can whip turns due to the given "butt" comfort, albeit the pillowball sounds - and yes you can totally whip turns on them!

I also had a 22mm rear sway and I was all smiles :)

BEST PICTURES of these Ohlins PCV when NEW. Note at the top left of the webpage, the pics are for CIVIC TYPE R EK9, so exactly the same as the set I am selling:

"Gymkhana also refers to a motorsport competition class which looks somewhat like Autocross or autoslalom crossed with drifting."

"These are similar to the Japanese gymkhana, another type of handling competition. Gymkhanas are even tighter than motorkhanas and autotests, with numerous 360-degree turns around cones and courses that loop back upon themselves. Fast times require a lot of sliding and the end result ends up looking similar to a cross between autocross and drifting. Gymkhanas do not usually require entering reverse gear."
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