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Hello again everybody it's been a long time but im back. I lost the email to my old account but I couldn't stay away forever.

Last i was here good ole fj just moved to the U.S. and had his warehouse robbed. Are those rods even around anymore? Or are any aftermarket rods bringing the vitaras to deckhight? It's been so long don't judge. Well life happened and I didn't have the time to build any thing but I got the chance to own a purple 4 door Acura El. Had a maple syrup y8 in it that was built for juice but i never ran anything threw it.

I picked up a project car I'm going to make my dd and pass off the accord to the wife. But if I've got a thread up explaining my issues there. Hopefully I'll pick up something to throw boost at. I'm really wanted a gsr swapped something we will see what the good Lord has In store huh.

It feels great to be back, I can't Waite to see some builds again. Just a side note. If anyone is selling a built block or a COMPLETE used turbo kit let me know please. I'm in the eastern Washington area.
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