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Official Forced Induction Drag Times List

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This thread is dedicated to Forced Induction and N2O, and will have a list of the top 20 cars. This thread is not for posting projects or dyno racing. Pleas keep this thread clean from nick nack post so that it stays short and very easy to skim through.

RULES: These times will be street cars only, and by street cars I am going to use the IDRC/BOTI/NDRA/IMSTAR definition of street cars. Pretty much everything goes except the usual, No Plexiglass, No Fuel cells, No one piece front ends. The car does not need exhaust. This is not be corrupted by arguing about what a street car is or crying about exhaust/backseats/spare tires/ etc. This thread is no intended for track-only cars

This will also be a list of ACTIVE members of the site. Dont send me a PM when you just signed up or have no posts asking to be put on the list. If the members of this site dont recognize you, dont bother...General rule is at least 500 posts

PM me w/ a PIC of the time slip and list weight and engine code, then you will be added to the list. This is the only way to keep the list legit. Once your added feal free to post up pics/ setups/ ect so that other members can actually see what the fast guys are doing with there setups.If your name is not than please refrain from posts, , I would like to keep this a READ ONLY thread, if you have question for anyone on the list please use pm's. It will be alot easier to find the good info if we keep this thread as short as possible. If your setup is on the list and you post your setup, rather than make a new post if you go faster or change your setup please just go back and edit a post. This will help knowledge spread...

Forced Induction (turbo/supercharged/n2o)

1. JFK78 - D16Z6 EG hatch - 9.65 @ 153.82mph, 2200lbs
2. FarmYard, ED hatch a6/y8 2025lbs - 10.583 @ 137.00mph
3. danz - d16a6 - 90 cx hatch 2160lb - 10.912 @ 127.33mph
4. mike93eh, EG hatch, z6? 2360 - 10.938 @ 129.4mph
5. Hugo Boost - EG hatch, built a6/z6 - 11.16 @ 124.99mph
6. Chiovnidca, EF hatch, z6 2000lbs - 11.423 @ 131.11mph
7. DirtyDseriesWOOT, '97 Civic DX, 2600lbs - 11.433 @ 127.28mph
8. Boosted91, CRX, built z6 - 11.634 @ 118.92mph
9. 24-7, CRX, a6 1900lbs - 11.716 @ 115.44mph
10. kit88, 95 hatch w/ a6 block and d16z6 head - 12.246 at 114.50mph
11. AJXR, 90 DX hatch, a6 block z6 head 2230lbs - 12.275 @ 110.60mph
12. fjt, 99 hatch, built D16y7, 2600lbs, 12.44 @ 111mph
13. Y8pwrdEf, 92 EG sohc zc vtec, 2240lbs, 12.6 @ 111.08mph
14. ryan89crx, 89 HF, built no-tec a6, 12.86 @ 109mph
15. AMkrew_1, CRX - 12.9 @ 106mph
16. SnailedZ6, 1995 dx coupe, stock z6 - 13.188 @ 106.45mph
17. Y8pwrdEf, sohc zc vtec 2240 - 13.06 @ 108.17mph
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14.128 @ 99.05
11.18 @ 123.33 371whp 2210 lbs
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