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Summary D16Z6 motor questions:
1 - Will the stock HG work okay with .5mm overbore?
2 - Valve clearance with stock HG, 0.004mm decked, Zex 59300 cam and P29 pistons okay?


Probably a dumb question, and I tried a bunch of different searches but didn't see an answer (though lots of posts about HGs).

Anyways, it looks like my SCE copper gasket didn't seal as well as I thought. It looks like I've got a leak somewhere, forcing coolant into the overflow tank.

I plan on pressure testing the system today, and also doing a test on the motor to see what's happening. The motor never overheated, but it looks like it didn't like the time on the dyno, because after that, the problems started :( The head and block were both checked for trueness, and both had to be decked slightly (a total of 0.004"), along with o-ringing the block.

Anyways, I'm considering just trying to put an OEM gasket on now. I wasn't planing on an OEM originally because I wanted an extra .5mm thickness, but I think I'm going to buck up and just go with stock. It'll increase my static compression a bit (should be near 12, 12.1).

First off, does Honda build their HG's to handle the first overbore? The motor is bored out .5mm and I was wondering if the gasket will be okay.

The other issue is I was wondering about clearance again. It looks like people run the setup I'm working with (stock rods, P29's Zex 59300 cam in a D16Z6). I had more then enough clearance with the 1.5mm HG, but I don't know now with the 1mm stock HG. I would think it'd be okay, but I'm not sure about the v-tec lobe.

Anyways, I'd appreciate and responses.
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