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I just bought a civic and Im having a rather odd problem Im hoping someone one this forum can help me out with. The car will randomly shut off at around 3000-3100 rpm.

Background on car-
Turbo D16
Weisco Pistons
Eagle Rods
Omni Power 4 bar map sensor
255lph Walboro Fuel pump
NGK Bkr7e gapped at .025
Brand new non stock wires
RC 750cc injectors
Tuned on chrome
Garrett Turbo (not positive on size though)
Skunk 2 intake manifold

When the car shuts off, theres no pre-warning, it will just die, then suddenly kick back on like nothing at all happened. Right before its started dying I've noticed that it puffs a little black smoke cloud out. The AEM af gauge doesnt read anything odd initially, around 14.6-14.7. Typically it will start right back up on its own at about 2000rpm if left in gear. Sometimes though it wont restart and you have to sit and crank and crank. When it does that the A/F gauge reads 10.0, and some times it will start up for a second like that and sounds just like a subaru idling. If you give it any throttle input it will die though. After it gets done with that game (typically 30-45 seconds) it will start right up and has no issue. I have found that if Im not driving it hard (keeping around 2000-3000 rpm partial throttle) it will do it almost every time, or if its been sitting at a stop light for a bit. Is this a sign that my tune is off or that my injectors are too large? I know it doesnt like to warm start, and Im assuming my air intake sensor is to blame for that. Could that also cause its "flooding" effect?

I can try to be more descriptive if need be in certain areas, like I said first honda so dont know a whole lot about it.
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