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This is somewhat more of a PSA, possibly needs verification by 2j or Pata.

Small pins
- Plug - - Pin - - Sex - - Notes -

OBD1 OBD2 Male Fits, no jiggle, but sticks out too far.
OBD1 OBD2 Female Seams to work fine.
OBD2 OBD1 Male Won't fall out, but has lots of play.
OBD2 OBD1 Female Test for another day.

Big (flat ones)
- Plug - - Pin - - Sex - - Notes -

OBD1 OBD2 Male Pin too fat to even fit.
OBD2 OBD1 Male Looks to short to lock, haven't tested yet.
*Female pins tested later*

Tests were done in regards to engine harness (specifically distributor). Should account for most plugs besides ECU/SRS or some dash plugs.

How to tell the difference between OBD1/2
- Pin - - Size - - Note -

OBD1 Big Blue grommet
OBD1 Small Brown grommet
OBD2 Big Light grey grommet
OBD2 Small Black grommet

This was all typed on my phone by memory and will be edited and with pictures if it will help. At least if your like me and have many wires and harnesses to play around with, you may find it useful. I spent hours playing with this stuff lol.

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The only pins that are the same from obd1 and obd2 are the female pins for iacv,map,tps,vss,fan,ect,o2,knock and reverse light plug. All other pins are different.
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