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Hey, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my issue here, because it's starting to get real strange.

So I have a 1990 Honda Civic Si Hatch with D16Z6 engine. Was running as good as it could with OBD0 PM6 for a good while but I decided to swap over to obd1 for more tuning options and ease of it all.

I bought a p28 chipped.
z6 distributor
obd0 to obd1 Zerg conversion harness ECU
obd0 to obd1 Zerg conversion harness Distributor plugs

Car is timed perfectly, like mentioned it was running great before swapping those components. Now, here is what it does and I will describe everything I have done in attempts to get it running.

The car cranks great! You can smell the heaps of fuel being released unburnt into the exhaust. If you pull the wires out you can see the spark jump from the wires to any ground I put it against.

Now the strange is this, car cranks perfect with the sparkplug wires out of the head, the second I put the sparkplug wires into the head in the correct order dizzy side and head side the car cranks but has a halt, and then cranks, and halts, cranks, and halts, STRANGEST THING! Like if the timing was flipped, but it does this with the two brand new distributors I put in.

So now here is what I have done:

I replaced the ECU jumper harness for another one. Was the same.
I rechecked the pins for the distributor jumper harness. All good runs the same since I didnt have to touch anything.
I took the ECU out and took it to my friends house and tried to run his Z6 with it and it ran perfect!
I have no check engine codes when jumping the SCS connector.
I purchased a separate distributor to make sure that it wasnt my distributor coil or something. Was the same and just returned it.
I rechecked engine mechanical timing IN HOPES that it had jumped a tooth magically. Timing was dead on.
I burned a new tune onto the chip. Nothing.

The car has not been touched at all aside from those OBD1 items that were swapped in, and the car ran perfect just 2 weeks ago when I took it apart. Im at a huge loss, I hope someone can help me out. Thanks!

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what distributor was on it before? and did you do the 4 wire o2 yet?
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