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NYC Street Run, a Yellow Supra VS a Ford Mustang..

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Checkout this run. It contains a Toyota Supra VS a Ford Mustang on the streets. Enjoy!

Main Video!!

!!VIDEO - Yellow Toyota Supra VS White Ford Mustang!!

Backup Video Link

!!Backup VIDEO - Yellow Toyota Supra VS White Ford Mustang!!
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a guy almost losing it is a race? lol
Yeah, looks more like some guy about to kill some by-standers.
more reasons why street racing is illegal
well, chalk it up under almost: in the natural selection file.....
dumbasses should watch standing behind the starting line not along...

If he would be hit is because his stupidity.
Low EG-T is right... natural selection... where stupid beings die for they stupidity.
this is the reason im not a fan of street racing....i am of fan of wheel standers though....
jesus, are people that dumb?

Around here the driver wouldn't have launched if that guy was standing there.
It would of been a nicer video if someone got taken out cause there stupid enough to stand there.
thats the scary part about racing someone on the street. It could be some douschebag who just built his 500whp civic (for example) and cant drive for shit.
Some people cant help that their brains are in their ass, if they get hit that is their problem for standing to fucking close...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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