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Hey everyone.

I had been a d-series loyalist for 12 years; from 2005 to 2017. DSO has been instrumental in all of my projects to date. Even though I switched power plants last year, I still consider my car a product of years of input from contributors here. Therefore I felt compelled to share my most recent build with the DSO community.

Last year disaster struck when I blew the built NA d16z6 in my '93 del Sol Si at the track. Building it was a labour of love and I was extremely happy with the output for a 1.6L single overhead camshaft VTEC engine (158whp/116wtrq). You can see the dyno video here:

Here's my DSO thread regarding the d16 build:

I decided rather than build another, I would swap for something that could make good power with OEM reliability. Luckily I found a JDM GSR (1.8L DOHC VTEC) motor. I paired it with an ITR S80 LSD 5-speed. The only relevant modifications are the intake camshaft from an Integra Type-R and bolt-ons (intake/header/exhaust). It made an incredible 197.8 horsepower and 138.3 foot-pounds of torque to the wheels on a Mustang Dynamometer. To say I'm happy with the results would be an extreme understatement.

Next step is to take it to the track!

Here's the dyno video. The dyno chart is at the end. It has on it the graph from the d16z6 dyno tune I did last year in the spring for comparison. Thanks!
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