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Big Horn Mountain Run '07
August 4th, 2007

Event Coordinator: Cody Zabit, "D.I.C.K.S." founder (Domestic Import Car Klub of Sheridan)

When: Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Where: Sheridan, WY, 9:30-10:30 Meet up Wendy's parking lot


11:00am (sharp!) - Leave Wendy's parking lot heading north on I-90, Taking the exit for HWY 14 (or Ranchester), continuing through Ranchester, through Dayton, we head up the mountain.

1st stop - Burgess Junction Rest Area

Our first stop will be just after the mountain climb, aprox. 50 miles from Sheridan, this will be our first checkpoint on the trip.

2nd stop - Lookout area

From Burgess Junction we'll hop on 14a for about another 25miles, and we we'll pull off in Big Horn Basin point (I think thats what its called). Approximately 7500ft up, It has a gorgeous view and we'd like to get some group photos at this point.

3rd Stop - Lovell Rest Area (26 miles from last stop)

Continuing on over the mountain, we will continue down 14a. The grade gets really steep here and this is definitely not a high speed section. The turns are tight and fairly high traffic area with little or no places to pass. We encourage extreme caution in this section. We don't need any accidents.

Also for those of you who need gasoline at this point there is a gas station just down the road.

4th Stop - Greybull

Hoping on the 310, this section is what some would refer to as the "high speed section." No many turns here, just a lot of open road. 32 Miles later we'll be in Greybull, if you didn't get gas in Lovell, most likely you'll want to here.

5th Stop - Shell Creek Falls

Hoping back on hwy-14 and climbing back up the mountain, we'll stop at Shell Creek Falls. Another Great lookout point, gorgeous view and plenty of parking.

6th and final stop, The Passage Lodge

Once again on hwy-14 back up the mountain, this is where we're going end this run, but not before we eat a late lunch/early dinner. Say our goodbye's and head down the mountain; so the people from out of town can just head there seperate ways when we hit the highway again.

Total Mileage for this run is ~200miles. Not bad, about a 3 hour drive straight. Traveling in a group, however, will take a bit longer. Anyways here's a teaser vid from when went up and scoped everything out.
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