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noOb question about vitaras in d15b7

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Iv been looking around trying to find the answers to a few questions but I cant find exact answers.

My engine is the stock 92 dx d15b7 non-vtec

I was considering buying a d16z6 and throwing it in but online they are 500 plus shipping and local they are 850 which I can not spend for a stock z6

I have a few questions for you guys.

1.) Can I put the vitara pistons in this d15b7, remember its a b7 not a jdm d15b?

2.) If so, will they connect straight to my stock rods and wrist pin or is there other parts required to run these in our engines?

3.) Is there any special type of performance connecting rod that must be used with these pistons when building the engine to be strong or will some eagle h-beams work?

My thoughts are, instead of paying 850 to buy a stock d16z6 then paying more to put forged internals into that, I can keep my engine and spend the money on vitaras and rods and make my d15b7 able to handle a low to moderte amount of boost.

Thanks for putting up with a noob question as Im sure its been asked before but I could not find straight forward answers in my searches.
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from what ive read the b7 block is not worth building everything i've read says z6 it has more aftermarket support. i want to say the b7 can handle 8psi stock. the b7 block can be built but hard to find parts at cheap price. you will spend less in the long run building a z6 block .
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