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I had just built a turbo d16 and was doing some street tuning with it, and after getting the tune pretty figured out, i went on another test drive. As i was driving after a couple minutes my afr gauge started to read a little lean and progressively started to get worse, sputtering and choking out, as if it was running out of gas. Then as I was nearing my house the car just died on the spot and i rolled the rest the way back. I filled it up with new gas thinking that was the problem but it was just cranking and not starting at all while the fpr gauge read 0. i kept doing trouble shooting by checking and replacing the fuel pump(walboro 255) that i can hear when I turn the key on, injectors( aftermarket 370cc injectors), and fpr(ebay), main relay, and checking all the wiring for any problems. If i spray starting fluid into the intake, the car will idle but as soon as i touch the gas, it chokes itself out, and while its idling off starter fluid, the fpr gauge still read zero. i can also get it to start if i keep purging the fuel pump 3 or 4 times but it still will only idle before choking itself out.

I have a hondata p28 vtec chipped ecu, with a conversion harness from obd2 to obd1, 8AN feed line and 6AN return line for fuel, and what seems a pretty healthy running engine when it is running. I have looked at everything for a couple weeks now and looked at all kinds of forums but cant find what the problem is, could be something simple i looked over for all i know. My only other assumptions are maybe bad gas in the tank, because the car sat for a couple months before i started to install the turbo kit, but I've filled the tank up the rest the way with new fuel and the bad fuel would still pressurize the system if I'm not mistaken. Or the vacuum for the fpr isn't working but I've ran a line from the intake straight to the fpr. I'm at a loss here, not sure what else I can do
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