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Nitrous Tuning

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I have an 01 civic ex and i ordered a edelbrock wet kit. First question is can a stock d17a2 handle a 40 shot. So far i've heard yes. Just asking again incase a d17a2 expert feels differently. I have already done plenty of research and pretty much know the basics of what involved whenever I get the itch to turn it up a notch. But I am a little confused on the tuning aspect of nitrous. What has me confused is that fact that when i get nitrous i am only going to spray it on special occasions( not trying to make it to work on time). So, most of the time im going to running around naturally, unlike turbo cars who have their boost at all times. So do I need anything special considering i may need two settings of tuning. Anyone with knowledge on nitrous please shed some light on the matter.
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with a 40 shot, tuning isnt really necessary
thats good to hear. oh yeah defintely was let down by that episode of pinks. That pudgy bastard couldn't drive worth sh*t. When I saw 600hp civic i didnt expect him to end up getting 20 car lengths. That like me racing a dragster and asking to start right next to the finish line, not a race.
40 shot is a very acceptable setup for a stock engine. Within the range of 50 there is no need to retard the timing. Unless you're going about 60-70 shot you may consider to upgrade some parts (i.e fuel pump, timing gear, window switches etc.) to ensure engine safety.

Have Fun!
I agree with theses boys, The most you'll want to do is run a colder plug and just check them every once in a while for color to make sure you are not lean, but i seriously doubt that will happen. Let us no when you put a 65 shot in it cause you wont keep that 40 shot in for long

I think you may be confused with how it actually works, since you ordered a wet kit and your only running a 40 shot, any reputable nitrous company provides you with all the right nozzles and jets which mix the fuel and nitrous appropriately. So whenever you squeeze, your still going to have the right mixture for a good combustion. As stated above, a set of colder plugs is important and make sure your bottle is faced the right way !
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