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Howdy everyone!

I'm currently in the works of saving for a cheap new to me car, and one of the finalists is an EM2 civic coupe because of the large abundance they seem to be in around Eastern Canada.

I've always had a lurking interest in performance auto mechanic as an at home hobby, but lack the space to really explore it further. However COVID and plenty of social distancing at home with family is getting me confident I can make a budget garage area of a mobile car shelter and some plywood and rubber garage tiles, and investing in some basic tools to start exploring the insides of what I hope will be a Honda.

I'm aspiring to start out with basic life support work to get the car back into pristine shape, and then gradually moving into simpler mods to improve handling before getting into power. What I feel will be most cost effective is sticking with my D17a1 engine block and rebuild it to handle a slightly higher compression, going with a mini-me vtec setup with a 2-2.25" exhaust setup with the Y8 manifold.

Maybe if fortune favours me and with due time I can get creative :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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