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I figured I should post in here, even though I'm not really a newb persay.... it's just been a while since I owned a Civic. After 6-7 years, I'm finally back into the Civic world again. I sold my old 98 Hatch and went k-series via an RSX. After a rear passenger tire blowout ripped up my rear end and insurance totaled it, I floundered around a bit waiting for the next project. Had a 92 Integra for a blink of an eye, an Audi A6 I bought of a buddy to flip and then my wife and I took turns between the trusty Odyssey and Suburban most recently. But I'm happy to say I'm back in the EK world... at least until I find a 04-08 TL that is worth my time 😁

So for now I'm rockin' a 97 Civic EX Coupe that I scored for $300. Previous, original owner put on 198k and took pretty good care of it; I've got a glovebox full of parts and dealer receipts. No rust on the quarters (though a few spots on the hood and under one of the doors) despite being a Cincinnati car all it's life, but the clear coat fade is prevalent. But that and the high mileage isn't why it was so cheap. Owner thought the transmission was shot after hearing noises and replacing the axles. I had my assumption on why it wasn't going into gear, but certainly wasn't going to tell him. And it turned out right; the driver axle wasn't pushed all the way in past the snap ring! So 10 minutes of work jacking it up, popping the axle nut and deadblowing the axle, and it was back in and running fine now for a few months!

So real plans on it as of yet.... just got the bug again and will play until the aforementioned TL makes its way into my driveway. Been digging through my left over parts and stockpiling a bit until I can get a long weekend to work on it. Thus far I've got:
  • A real CF front lip that I've not seen anywhere else. Has a small fixable crack, but considering its 20+ years old, it's in pretty good shape. Plus, it only cost me an old ebay shifter in trade 5 years ago!
  • Fiberglass type R style rear lip in gloss black. Going to DIY spray my side skirts gloss black as well, so the bottom "edge" of the car is all black/CF
  • Old ebay intake tube.... slapped my K&N filter on it
  • Picked up some BNIB Raceland Ultimo Coilovers for $200
  • DNC front upper a-arms with camber adjustablility
  • Ebay short shifter and new ES bushings
  • Depo Black housed HLs
  • 99-00 Taillights
  • Rear window shade/spoiler
  • Weathertech window visors

Need to find some rims and a cheapo exhaust. I have an old 98 Accord DC-Sports twin-loop catback from an old partout, sitting in my garage. Have had absolutely zero bites on it in over a year of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace posts, so will probably have a muffle shop hack that off and re-weld to an ebay exhaust. It's a nice sounding muffler and was discontinued years ago.

So anyways, good to be back. I'm older with more kids now (wife and I have 6 and are now DONE!) but still enjoy the wrench time. Hopefully can still find time to get on here and help out where I can and refresh my memory a bit on the old D-series! Here's some pix of the car.




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Welcome back.

Looks like a pretty clean and solid project. I love being able to find these cars so cheap and in decent shape. Be sure to post progress pics!
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