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Civic vi 1.4i S +97
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Hi everyone!
I'm a newbie from Sweden who just bought a 4-door Honda Civic 1.4i S -97 that is going to be a long term budget build project both in apperance and performance. Build is going to be in several stages due to local regulations and the fact that it is my everyday car.

First will be performance mods I can get away with without register it as a modified car or are easy to change back to OEM before the yearly inspection.
1. Catback
2. Suspension
3. CAI
4.EMani and catalytic converter

After that I'll work on the apperance until I manage to get another everyday car and after that I'll will start with a motor swap to a d16 or mini-me mod depeding on research and what will be the most performance for the money.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts