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i remember a post about a guy building up a sohc that took pictures and listed his parts for a SOHC build up. if you remember the link let me know. i remember that in one of the pics he was holding an A1 piston and doing a close up on it.
well if you cant find it then i need some help. im looking to do an All motor build up for a d16. right now i have a d16a6 block with a Y8 head. its converted over to obd1 but it just doesnt have the power that i want. i know im slightly limited to power, but the head will be built also. the part i need help with is the block. i have an extra d16a6 block and want to know what to mate with it. im checking my resource tomorrow to see if d16a1 pistons can be had for a decent price. now i need to know what rods to use(im using all ARP bolts) and any other internals that matter. can i get the pistons oversized? how much should i bore the block without losing its integrity(this will be streetable). i ran the numbers on this compression calculator and got about 12.6:1.
numbers i used were d16a6 block, d16y8 head, p29 pistons, d16y8-d16z6 head gasket, OEM ZC piston to deck height. does this sound right??? numbers i did get again were 12.6:1 with that.
help me out so i can build a killer D series.
no i dont want to swap, no i dont want turbo. i also own a 93 rx7 so i have my FAST TOY. i want a bad ass commuter/autoX/d series monster.

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This the link you wanted?
I think your calculated CR is right for the engine. Ive heard (just rumor) the A1 rods are heavier but not any stronger than the a6 rods. Or for that matter, the z6 or z1. which ever you choose will be fine. Just personal preference crap. ARP rod bolts and head studs will be a nice touch to keep it all secure.

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Yea, guys on this board have all d's, where on H-T everyone says "SWAP OR TURBO, D series is a waste!" I love my y8!
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