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2000 honda civic lx
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I swear every week its a new issue...or maybe I'm messing with the car too much...

Alright. went to auto store to get a brake tool for the rear drums i planned on installing today..did the front last night so when i noticed a little white smoke at gas station i figured they were hot. Still, popped the hood and didn't see obvious signs. not even a some brake grease thinking i'm burning them or rubbing etc. when I get home and reverse into the garage i closely look inside the motor when i see 1 drop of coolant on the ground...did my best to follow it. and traced it right back to where it gave me problems last month..right under the distributor almost as if it were coming out of the hose.its not gushing, but it is leaking....overflow was very low yet no overheating...(gauge) is working...i've got some pictures to show...I don't want to say headgasket this early on...but my next purchase today was going to be new heater hose because it just looked shady and noticed some dampness torwards the end of the hose near the firewall...anyone experience the same? and yes before the flaming begins i did use bondo at the time hoping to plug it up...its now off...

also, when the first happened over the summer I used this product assuming it was head gasket.


Not big on additives as a cure all I just wanted it to make it until i have the $$ for a new motor all it said double money back and cost around 55$ so why not? - Im tempted to pour the rest in there my car requires maybe 1/3 of the bottle...Need some advice because with this issue i'm not going to throw much more $$ at it...just order a motor, and pay a shop and be done...and faster..

link is to an album of pictures...
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