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Hi All,

I have spent most of my JDM life around Mitsubishi, owning every model of Galant ever made along with a few Lancers and locally produced Magnas.
My favs being my 1975 Galant, my 1979 Scorpion (Galant) Coupes and my 2002 Galant VR4 sedan (all pictured below).
Having sold all my Mitsus a few years ago I started looking locally and slightly more modern, currently running a 1993 Ford Falcon XR6 fitted with a 2014 Ford Falcon XR6 Barra engine and many other upgrades.
Last week, after catching up with a long time friend, I noticed he was driving a brand new Toyota Corolla.
I asked what happened to the 1985 Civic wagon/shuttle I had only ever seen him drive and was told it was in the shed, parked for the last 2 years. If I was interested we could make a deal, make a deal we did.
I am yet to dig the Civic out of the shed but I am now the proud owner of a 3rd Gen Civic wagon. 100% as she left the factory. Dealer stickers, books and all.
There will be tasteful (and reversible) mods made to suit my taste but I will keep her a stock as possible.
Anyway, here are a couple of pics, more once I have it :)
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Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

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