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Hey guys I'm brand new to this site and pretty new to honda in general.
I'm in the process of doing a d15b2 with Mpfi and d16z6 head swap. It a 91 crx dx 5 speed. We used all stock z6 head and intake. The car starts but we have a code 9 for the cyp or ckp not sure at the moment. When the car is running it idle high around 3k rpm. If the c1 and c2 is disconnected the car idle around 1k rpm. We tried to set timing with the idle around 1k and c2 and c2 disconnect, but the timing light will flash at crank tdc white mark. I should be seeing the red mark correct? We do have a vsm cam gear to correct the timing. But when we turn the distributor it doesn't come close to the red mark and is still showing the white crank tec mark. Which direction is cam advancing and retarding? Also when we did the timing belt we didnt change the belt tensioner because the bolt feels like binding when loosening. I didnt want the bolt to strip out of break off in the motor. I did a search and the tensioner diameter are different. Could this be our problem? And the cam should be around 4.75 advanced? If someone can lend me a hand with my problem I would greatly appreciate it. The car is my girlfriend's and it's been in her family since her mom bought in the early 90s. If anyone is local to the nor-cal bay area I can pay for your time to get this setup correct!

Here is some info on belt sizes.


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