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2000 Civic Hx
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Hey guys, first time honda owner here. Ive owned lots of fun cars buuuut marriage aND a child tend to reduce the ability to have fun vehicles lol so I ended up buying a 2000 HX coupe with a manual trans. The car is about as boring as you can get if you are buying a Honda lol. So far I've replaced headlights, wheel bearings in the rear, rear passenger brakes, SI front sests, and installed an eBay short throw shifter with prothane bushings. Before anyone knocks the ebay shifter it has been amazing compared to paddling that stock shifter up the river of gears(sloppier than your grandma's chicken soup probably would be a good way to describe it) I think that the prothane bushings were probably more helpful but whatever.

I'm to the point that I'd like to figure out how to convert the car to obd1 so that it can actually get tuned when I want to start doing more fun things. From what I've seen and read most prole don't put a turbo on the y5 d series. I think it would be interesting and I'm not looking for huge hp just something fun to drive everyday. I currently have a P06 ecu and 4 wire o2 sensor. What else is needed for the obd1 conversion? Also is there a legitimate guide to doing the conversion with clear instructions?


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