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Hi All,
I'm new to the Honda world. I recently bought a 97 Civic EX 4dr/Auto/1.6 as a daily driver and have been pretty happy with my first Honda so far. My CEL came on a few weeks ago and using the jumper wire I determined it was a 41 primary O2 sensor heater fault. Incidentally when I tried to jump the connector with a paper clip, it didn't work (yes, paper clip was metal!) but a piece of wire worked fine. Just an FYI to those trying to do it with a paper clip, if it doesn't work use a piece of wire!
OK, I got a new Standard/SMP OEM fit sensor and installed it, reset the codes by pulling the 7.5a backup fuse under the hood and figured I was done. Of course the code came back within a few minutes. I tried resetting a couple times, but keeps coming back. Using the troubleshooting I found here: (Thanks to you guys who contributed to that thread, HUGE help!!)
I determined that there is no voltage across 3 and 4 with the key on. The positive one has power if you measure it to ground, but the negative is not grounded when you measure it to battery. At this stage of the troubleshooting it tells you to plug in a "test harness" which I didn't seem to have laying around. From what I can see, either the computer is bad or the orng/blk wire to A6 on the ECM is broken. Any tips on finding the break? I checked out the 15a fuse TSB (my fuse is fine) so I will have a look at the harness in that area, but probably will just re-run a new wire. I'm assuming I can't just "ground" that wire under the hood to get the heaters to work, it needs to be grounded at the ECM? Am I missing something else? Thanks for your patience with a n00b, any tips are appreciated!
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